2020 Bar Pro Bono Awards nominations – Sarah Salmon: Junior Pro Bono Barrister of the Year, Christopher McCarthy: Young Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year

November 4, 2020

Sarah Salmon has been nominated for Junior Pro Bono Barrister of the Year and Christopher McCarthy for Young Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year in the 2020 Bar Pro Bono Awards. The award winners in selected categories will be announced at a ceremony tonight.

The nominations recognise their pro bono advice and representation in the Court of Appeal case of Jarvis v Evans (in which Shelter Cymru were an intervenor). The case was heard in June and considered landlord licensing in Wales.

The case concerned the landlord licensing provisions in Part 1, Housing (Wales) Act 2014 and the protections afforded to tenants of unlicensed landlords meaning it had wide-ranging implications for many vulnerable tenants around Wales.

As a result of Sarah and Christopher’s success on behalf of the tenant, the landlord’s possession claim was dismissed and private rented sector tenants in Wales are now better protected against eviction.

Sarah’s nomination and her pro bono work 
Sarah’s nomination for the award is supported by her opposing counsel in the Jarvis v Evans case. He highlighted that she “put in many hours of additional work” and described her work as “an excellent example of what pro bono barristers can achieve”.

The instructing solicitor was immensely impressed with her knowledge, describing her work as clear and concise. He noted that the case was so significant that “only high calibre counsel with a breadth of knowledge and meticulous research and drafting skills would do” and that Sarah was the clear choice.

As well as her involvement in the Jarvis v Evans case, Sarah has worked on other housing pro bono cases during the year.

Christopher’s nomination and his pro bono work

Christopher spent many hours during lockdown preparing for this very demanding appeal. A solicitor on the case described it as “put together with the utmost care and attention, leaving no stone unturned.”

Christopher is also a mentor for the Chancery Bar’s Step into Law and More! scheme and has participated in its CLIPS (litigant in person support) programme.

About the Bar Pro Bono Awards

Since 1997 the Bar Pro Bono Awards have been given every year in recognition of outstanding commitment to pro bono work by barristers or chambers. There are now 8 award categories. The awards are supported by the Bar Council.