Dennis Sharpe

Called 1976
He is experienced and likeable.
Legal 500, 2018
He has considerable experience and knowledge, and a good eye for detail.
Legal 500, 2016
He is a fantastic advocate, and makes clients feel at ease despite difficult issues.
Legal 500, 2015
A well-respected junior
Legal 500, 2014
an excellent advocate
Legal 500, 2012
Dennis is ‘excellent’, and is praised for his ability to grasp the complex technical issues of a case
Legal 500, 2011
Dennis has a 'solid practice', acts on complex cases and is fantastically bright.
Legal 500, 2010
He is friendly and likeable, which reassures clients.
Legal 500, 2017

Dennis has extensive experience in all areas of Family work and Inheritance Act claims; He is a fluent French speaker experienced in conducting conferences and cases involving clients from France, the Lebanon and Africa.

He represents parents and guardians in a large number of complex care cases, often involving mental illness, neglect and injury. In the private law field he has considerable experience acting for parents labelled implacably hostile to contact with non-resident parent. He has appeared in several reported CA cases on this topic. He also has experience being instructed directly by competent children in wardship cases and has been involved in two cases involving successful applications to revoke adoption orders under the inherent jurisdiction. He also has appeared in wardship cases involving refugee children.

He also accepts instructions in contested probate cases involving testamentary capacity, undue influence and want of knowledge and approval.

If you would like any further information regarding Dennis Sharpe’s practice, please contact his clerks or call +44 (0)20 7405 6114.

Contested Probate

Dennis has recently appeared in the Court of Appeal in Simon v Byford & Ors [2014] EWCA Civ 280 (13 March 2014).  This was a case involving testamentary capacity and knowledge and approval of her the will.

Notable Cases

Notable cases

  • Simon v Byford & Ors [2014] EWCA Civ 280 (13 March 2014)
    This case concerned a will made by the deceased on her 88th birthday party in December 2005. The will was challenged by one of the children as the deceased had, for some years before, been showing signs of deteriorating mental health. Dennis Sharpe appeared for the children seeking to uphold the later will. The case involved consideration of both testamentary capacity and knowledge and approval of the will. Dennis succeeded at trial and the judgement has just been upheld by the Court of Appeal.
  • Re G (a child) (care order: proportionality) – [2013] All ER (D) 375 (Jul) CA (Civ): In this case Dennis acted for the mother (M) of a young child (J). A care order was made following findings that the threshold for making such an order had been crossed and that the child had suffered and was at risk of suffering significant harm. The order was made by a district judge and the mother’s appeal was dismissed by the circuit judge. Dennis, representing the mother before the Court of Appeal: ‘summarised his core submission in terms which are both robust and attractive by saying “despite the length of the judgment, when we get to the bit that matters, the district judge needed to carry out a balancing exercise to identify the risks of separating J from M in contrast to the risks of returning home.”The judge below approved a care plan for long term fostering and this was upheld at the first appeal. The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal and ordered a rehearing as the courts below had not adequately balanced the risks of harm involved in separation as opposed to not separating.
  • SvA: Dennis acted for the father of a young child. Both parents travelled abroad where the mother alleged that the father had abandoned her. There were numerous difficult issues including whether the father was Somali as he claimed or Tanzanian as the wife claimed. There were also issues of immigration.
  • KvK: In this case involving a residence dispute between Sikh parents and two young girls, Dennis appeared on his own then as a junior. The original fact finding involved no fewer than 82 allegations and cross-allegations, including rape, stabbing and arson.
  • Re Z: High Court wardship case involving the death of a mother. Dennis was instructed by a 13 year old who was competent. The case involved issues of ethnicity and religious upbringing.

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2018

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2017

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2016

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2015

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2014

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2013

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2012

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2011

Ranked Leading Junior and recommended – Legal 500 2010

  • LLB (Exeter)
  • BCL (Oxon)
Professional memberships
  • FLBA
  • PNBA
  • PIBA
  • APIL
  • Fluent French speaker


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