Grace Cheng acts as sole arbitrator in two Football Association arbitrations

17 March 2022

Grace Cheng has been appointed by The Football Association to act as sole arbitrator in a dispute relating to unpaid commission fees alleged to be owing as a result of the transfer of a football player.

She is currently also sitting as sole arbitrator in another ongoing arbitration under Rule K involving unpaid intermediary fees  alleged to be owing as a result of the transfer of two football players.

About Grace’s arbitration expertise

Grace is a member of the Bar Council’s ADR Panel and is included on various panels, registries and databases of arbitrators including AIAC (Malaysia); BAIAC (Singapore); CACM (Mozambique); CAA (Taipei); CEAC (Hamburg); Delos (Paris); FINRA (US/Puerto Rico); HIAC (Hainan); HKIAC (Hong Kong); ICC (UK); LCIA (London); LMAA (London); PIAC (Vietnam); SHAC (Shanghai); SHIAC (Shanghai); SCC (Stockholm); WTC Macau Arbitration Center (Macau); Sport Resolutions (International); and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Grace has recently co-authored an article with Sir William Blair, Gökçe Uyar and Yang Zhao on “Arbitrating financial disputes – are they different and what lies ahead?” published by Arbitration International. She has also co-authored an article with Sir William Blair on “Overriding Mandatory Rules and Compliance in International Arbitration: National monetary restrictions” which was published in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Dossier XIX.