Grace Cheng appointed to the Bar Council’s ADR Panel

06 December 2021

Grace Cheng has been appointed to the Bar Council’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Panel.

The panel’s recent activities have included:

  • responding to the Ministry of Justice consultation on dispute resolution in England and Wales
  • lobbying for greater use and consideration of ADR as a means to resolve disputes
  • mediation advocacy training, comprising a mixture of interactive teaching, practical workshops and case studies

The ADR Panel reports to the Bar Council’s Legal Services Committee and has a policy role in responding to and commenting on the advocacy and growth of alternative methods of dispute resolution across the Bar.

About Grace

Grace is on various panels, registries and databases of arbitrators including AIAC (Malaysia); BAIAC (Singapore); CACM (Mozambique); CAA (Taipei); FINRA (US/Puerto Rico); HIAC (Hainan); ICC (UK); LCIA (London); LMAA (London); PIAC (Vietnam); SHIAC (Shanghai); SCC (Stockholm); WTC Macau Arbitration Center (Macau); and Sport Resolutions (International).

She is also on various panels of adjudicators, including HKA; UKA; and TECBAR.