Grace Cheng responds to Law Commission’s Call for Evidence on Smart Contracts

31 March 2021

Grace Cheng was part of a 7-member working group from the Chancery Bar Association (ChBA) and Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) that responded to the Law Commission’s call for evidence on smart contracts. The call for evidence is the first step in the Law Commission’s smart contracts scoping study and its primary function was to seek views about, and evidence of, the ways in which smart contracts are being used, and the extent to which the existing law can accommodate them. The working group’s response covered a wide range of issues, including the formation and interpretation of smart contracts; remedies and smart contracts; and jurisdiction.

Grace has co-authored an article on smart contracts, ‘In Code we trust? Trustlessness and smart contracts’ which was originally published by the Society for Computers and Law  (April 2019) and in abridged form by the Oxford Business Law Blog (University of Oxford). She has lectured on FinTech and smart contracts, and has been invited to speak as a foreign law expert on the regulatory trends of the cryptocurrency sector to a group of crypto companies in Taiwan.