Dementia and the Law

This book addresses a wide range of legal issues that arise in respect of people with dementia, setting out the law in a clear and accessible form. Starting from the initial stages of obtaining information, the book follows a logical sequence: the powers under the Mental Health Act 1983; rights to assessment; treatment and care services; the Mental Capacity Act 2005; financial deputies; attorneys and care funding, before concluding with a detailed section on the remedies which may be deployed to resolve disputes in these areas.

The first section of the book deals with legal issues that arise at the time of diagnosis and in the period when dementia begins to have a significant impact on a person’s life. This is followed by a second section, which focusses on legal issues surrounding the care provided to a person with dementia. The third section is concerned with the property and financial issues which affect people with dementia. The final section of the book concentrates on the remedies available when disputes arise in respect of a person with dementia.

This book covers both England and Wales, and includes additional references wherever the law differs in Wales. It is essential reading for legal practitioners; those working with people with dementia in the National Health Service; local authorities and care homes; relatives of people with dementia and charitable organisations advising members of the public.

Publisher: Jordan Publishing