Ruth Cabeza represents parents in the High Court in application by a hospital for a declaration that it is lawful to refuse to provide invasive lifesaving treatment for eight month old baby

16 February 2017

Ruth Cabeza appeared in the high Court representing the parents of a terminally ill eight month old baby, in circumstances where they did not agree with the decision of Doctors at Great Ormond Street that the use of invasive lifesaving treatments was contrary to the best interests of their daughter.

Ms Justice Russell stated that while the court understands why the parents wish for any treatment that would prolong their daughter’s life to be provided, the treatments in issue were not in the best interest of the child, concluding that “invasive” treatment should not be undertaken and the baby should be allowed to “end her life in as comfortable, pain-free and comforted position as possible to achieve.”

This case has been covered by The Guardian and The Sun. The full judgment is available from Bailii.