Here you will find details of books, handbooks and loose-leafs authored, co-authored or edited by members of Chambers. Many of these are the leading titles in their specific areas of practice.

The Psychology of Conflict: Mediating in a Diverse World Authors: Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Psychology of Conflict is a timely new contribution on the unique benefits of applying philosophy and psychology to mediating between people in conflict.

Costs in Family Proceedings Authors: Publisher: Jordan Publishing

Costs in Family Proceedings explains the rules and procedure relating to costs and funding in all family proceedings, co authored by Francis Wilkinson and Dr. Sara Hunton.

International Family Law Journal Publisher: Jordan Publishing

Edward Bennett was appointed Assistant Editor of the International Family Law Journal in July 2013, and was subsequently promoted to be Editor in Chief from 1 January 2015.

Dementia and the Law Authors: Publisher: Jordan Publishing

This book addresses a wide range of legal issues that arise in respect of people with dementia, setting out the law in a clear and accessible form.

International Family Law Practice (3rd edition) Publisher: Jordan Publishing

Edward Bennett has contributed a Chapter on ‘International Judicial Collaboration’ in D. Hodson (ed) ‘International Family Law Practice’ (3rd edition 2013, Jordans). Currently updating the chapter for the fourth edition.

International Adoption Authors: Publisher: Jordan Publishing

Examines the detailed legal framework including the complexities of both UK legislation and the Hague Convention.

Claims to the Possession of Land Authors: Publisher: Tolley

Sets out and explains the law and procedure of each type of possession claim. With nearly 300 comprehensive forms and precedents, which are readily adaptable for a whole range of cases, Claims to the Possession of Land looseleaf provides a complete and thorough exposition of this complex subject.