Our services

Our barristers are client-focused and serve the needs of commercial, public and private clients in an innovative, expert and authoritative way.

Our range of advocacy and advisory legal services cover:

  • representing clients before all English courts and tribunals.
  • drafting  – including correspondence, Statements of Case, applications, skeleton arguments, position statements, contracts in contentious and non-contentious circumstances and Grounds of Appeal (in certain circumstances barristers may also assist in the drafting of witness statements).
  • advising solicitors, law firms, public bodies, commercial organisations on the law of England & Wales and how it applies to the circumstances of their cases.
  • consultancy services on legal and policy issues.
  • in-house training and seminars.

Some of our barristers also accept instructions under the Public Access Rules. Our clerks will be happy to advise you on the professional expertise and availability of our members.

We can provide qualified mediators and facilities for mediation. Our mediators can also attend mediation sessions outside chambers if you prefer. Please contact the clerks for more information.