Preparation for Trial

27 September 2017

You’ve met the client, researched the claim and decided to take on the case. What do you do next? Diligent pre-trial preparation is the key to presenting a compelling argument for your client’s position. How can you make sure that you cover all of the essential elements before even setting foot in the courtroom?

In this seminar Field Court Chambers will identify the critical facts you need in order to start organising and managing your case. Find out about fundamental discovery techniques and strategies to get necessary information from your opponent. Find out how to best present the evidence and understand the essential rules of costs.

Session 1 - Disclosure and Evidence

  • Disclosure, searches and inspection
  • Evidence, what must be proved and how to prove it
  • Drafting witness statements

Session 2 - Bundles

Producing a Bundle:

  • What should be included?
  • How best to present the evidence
  • Agreeing the index

Session 3 - Costs

  • Costs: Rules to remember
  • Schedules of costs and important information
  • Offers to settle

1 Delegate: £40 +VAT
2 Delegates: £60 + VAT
3 Delegates: £75 + VAT
4 or more Delegates: £20 + VAT

Contact: or 020 7405 6114