Understanding Intransigence in Mediation and Negotiation – How to Avoid and Resolve Deadlock

19 October 2016

Few negotiations – whether in mediation or elsewhere – run smoothly from beginning to end.  Most will hit ‘the wall’ at some point during the process.  This is where parties feel they have exhausted their options; frustration and despondency set in, and resolution appears impossible.  In many negotiations, this is the point at which both parties leave, each blaming the other for their intransigence. In mediation, the skilled mediator will have met this situation many times, and will know that, through perseverance and the application of mediation skills, it can be overcome.

How  is it done?   How can such negativity be turned around?  And could it have been avoided in the first place?  This seminar will provide some insights into the often illogical and seemingly irrational behaviour of parties – and their legal advisers - that drives them inexorably towards impasse.

Seminar schedule:

4.00pm – Causes of Intransigence

Paul Randolph

4.30pm – Breaking Deadlock – Practical Tips

Spenser Hilliard 

5.00pm – Lessons Learned

Paul Randolph

5.30pm – Q&A