Harrison Engler completes Advocate’s pupil pledge

12 June 2024

Pupil barrister Harrison Engler has completed his 1st pro bono assignment fulfilling Advocate's pupil pledge.

Harrison represented the mother of a child with learning needs in a dispute with the child's father about their daughter's schooling and contact arrangements.

The mother expressed her gratitude to Advocate and Harrison saying:

'I am very grateful for his time, navigating me through legal complexities before the hearing, preparing the position statement and representation at the hearing. His help and support was invaluable and I could not [have] wished for a better representation at the court .

It really has made a difference as I find these hearings with regards my daughter's custody very stressful. I am not sure how I would have coped without Mr Engler's advocacy'.

Advocate caseworker Emma also congratulated Harrison on his ‘willingness to take on the case’ and 'excellent communication throughout'.

About Advocate's pupil pledge

Advocate is the Bar’s national pro bono charity. It launched the pupil pledge in 2023.

From their second six onwards, pupil barristers can take on pro bono work through a pro bono scheme, law centre or other organisation to complete the pledge.