John Hamilton appointed Judge of the First Tier Tribunal, Asylum and Immigration Chamber

14 September 2022

John Hamilton is leaving chambers following his appointment as a Judge of the First Tier Tribunal, Asylum and Immigration Chamber. He takes up his role this month, sitting at the Hatton Cross Hearing Centre.

 About John

John was called to the Bar in 1988. He joined Field Court Chambers in 1998.

In 2000, he was appointed as a Fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, assigned to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber. Then in 2008 he also became a Fee-paid Specialist Lay Member in the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber.

Since 2000 he has combined sitting part-time with his family, education, regulatory, immigration and mental health law practice at the Bar.

During that time, he has been involved in many prominent cases. Two highlights are below.

  • He represented the wife in the long-running, Kremen v Agrest international divorce litigation. The case generated numerous reported decisions and culminated in his client receiving an award of £12.5 million and her husband being committed to prison.
  • He also successfully represented the South Bank University before the Court of Appeal in the landmark higher education case of Sibourema.