Employment Law Newsletter

November 16, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Field Court Chambers‟ Employment Law Newsletter.

Advances in employment law move apace. Major new legislation is brought into force on at least an annual basis. The Employment Appeal Tribunal and higher appeal courts constantly push or change the boundaries of legislative interpretation and the expectations placed upon employers.

To do the very best for our clients, we must all do our very best to keep abreast of this constant downpour of new information. With a thriving employment law group advising and representing claimants and respondents across the full range of claims, the employment law specialists at Field Court Chambers are well placed to sift through this deluge and to distil the most important and interesting parts for your ease of reference.

In our new regular newsletter, we aim to keep you updated on the law and on interesting employment law goings-on at Field Court Chambers (cases, seminars, articles, etc.) to provide an easy to read, useful and essential guide to the employment law continuum.