Re F (assessment of birth family) – Family Law Week case summary

26 April 2021

Application by a Local Authority under Part 18 FPR 2010 to determine whether the “original family” of the mother of F, who was adopted, should be assessed as kinship carers for F. On the facts of the case the Court determined the LA had no obligation to assess but cautioned against this being read as a decision of wider application

The mother (M) had been adopted at age 6.  By age 13 her adoptive placement began to break down and she successfully made contact with her birth family.  She visited them and at one point stayed for a month.  During one visit, aged 17 M discovered she was pregnant.  By this time she was in foster care.  Her view was that her birth family had been wholly negative about her pregnancy and she was not supported by them at all.  She opposed them being assessed as carers for F.  The LA's care plan for F was a supported rehabilitation to M's care, but contended that a parallel plan should include consideration of assessment of the birth family.

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