Financial Remedies Seminar – Needs and Bankruptcy

06 October 2016

Field Court Chambers is delighted to invite you to our Financial Remedies Seminar looking at Needs and Bankruptcy.

This seminar will qualify for 2 hours of CPD and will be of particular interest to solicitors whose practice involves Financial Remedy work either as a discrete specialism or as part of a mixed practice. The seminar concentrates on topical, but not entirely straightforward, areas with which all such practitioners need to be familiar.

“Between Scylla and Charybdis – steering a course between divorce and bankruptcy”

  • Best practice in preserving matrimonial assets from possible bankruptcy proceedings in respect of one of the spouses – the procedural race.
  • Protecting settlements from subsequent challenge by a Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Tactical and strategic considerations when advising clients and avoiding pitfalls

Christopher Stirling

Financial Needs – In light of the recent FJC guidance:

  • What are needs?
  • How can needs be met?
  • What sorts of orders are available?
  • How long should maintenance last?
  • How should the transition to independence be managed?
  • How does this Guidance affect the cases we make to the courts?

Francis Wilkinson and Michael Gleeson

How might this guidance work in practice?

Francis Wilkinson and Michael Gleeson will take delegates through some worked examples


Date: Thursday 6th October

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Venue: Quadrant Chambers, 10 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AU

CPD: 2 Hours

Cost: £40 (+VAT)