Introducing the Social Housing Regulation Bill

09 June 2022

Yesterday (Wednesday 8 June), saw the introduction of the Social Housing Regulation Bill in parliament following its inclusion in the Queen’s Speech.

The Bill proposes to:

  • levy unlimited fines on failing social housing providers
  • drive up standards and bolster the regulator’s powers to act
  • give tenants the right to obtain information from landlords
  • give tenants the right to rate the services provided by landlords
  • tackle damp and cold living conditions
  • subject social landlords to Ofsted-style inspections.

Aim of the Bill

The expressed aim of the Bill is to have “more people living in decent, well looked-after homes enjoying the quality of life they deserve”.

It is stated to be yet another Government response to the Grenfell disaster.

Reaction to the Bill

The Bill has been widely welcomed in most quarters. However in London, where housing and homelessness pressures are most acute, London councils have pointed out that the proposed measures can only be part of the solution, with more investment also needed to improve conditions.

If you would like advice or representation on disrepair matters, whether as landlord or tenant, please get in touch with me or alternatively contact the clerks.