Joshua Swirsky represents an executor in a case concerning the burial of a US war veteran who made a new life in England in his 90s.

06 November 2017

PM was in the US Navy in World War II when he was posted to Northern Ireland. He met, fell in love with and married OM while he was there. After the war she felt unable to live in the USA and the couple divorced. PM then married MM in the USA and raised a family. He was successful in finance and together with MM purchased a large burial plot in Connecticut so that the whole family could be interred together. In 2009 retired at the age of 90 and decided that he wanted to move to Europe and live with OM again. They were remarried in 2011 after his divorce from MM. PM died in November 2016 in Eastbourne. He has not yet been buried as his there is no agreement between his executors as to where he should be buried. His US family wants him to be buried in the USA in the family plot and next to his son who predeceased him. OM wants him to lie next to her in a double plot that she has purchased in Sussex.

Judgement is currently awaited.

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Barrister: Joshua Swirsky