Nikolas Clarke acts for local authority in inquest into 16-year-old’s death

29 April 2024

Nikolas Clarke represented the local authority at the inquest into the death of CB in August 2021.

CB was 16 years old when they took their own life at the specialist children’s home where they had lived as a ‘looked after child’ since July 2020. They had been known to social services and mental health services throughout their life.

Previously CB had also been a ‘looked after child’ in the local authority’s care between March 2006-September 2007.

Additionally, there had been a child protection plan in place for CB from late 2005 to 2006 and in 2018. CB had several complex needs including being exposed to child sexual exploitation, neglect and a history of self-harming.

The inquest considered the care and support CB received before their death.

Coroner's findings

The coroner’s conclusion was death by suicide.
No causative or possibly causative findings were made against the local authority.