Nikolas Clarke acts for successful claimant in sexual harassment/discrimination case

12 June 2023

Nikolas Clarke represented the successful claimant in a sexual harassment and direct sex discrimination constructive dismissal case.

From 2013 until she resigned in 2021, the claimant was employed as a receptionist at a veterinary practice.

Over the years that she worked there, she experienced various incidents of harassment by the business owner, some involving his drunkenness. These culminated in him calling her a female genitalia-specific term of abuse for which he did not apologise.

The tribunal’s findings
  • Her employer had treated the claimant and other female employees less favourably than male employees. This behaviour consisted of unwanted remarks and names ‘blondie ’as well as unwanted physical contact.
  • She was subjected to harassment related to her sex including innuendo and requesting or proposing a sexual relationship.
  • She had been constructively dismissed without notice.

Damages will be decided at a remedy hearing in September.