Nikolas Clarke represents local authority in coroner’s inquest 

11 July 2019

Barrister Nikolas Clarke represented the local authority in an inquest into the death of AA, both the individual Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and that service as a whole. AA was 29 when she died. She took her own life in December 2017 while suffering from a serious and ongoing mental illness after 3 previous suicide attempts.

The coroner found that the AMHP,  "made a thorough, reflective and cogent assessment of what was required” and noted that he had “demonstrated [that]…he considered all factors agreed by all of those who gave evidence to be relevant [to the assessment]”

"I accept… she was showing signs of depression and there was no doubt she needed an assessment.  I accept…it was not appropriate to use force by a  Mental Health Act assessment and warrant but rather to action an informal assessment using different approaches not done before.”

The coroner concluded that the AMHP acted professionally, reasonably and proportionately throughout.