Understanding your client’s brain in mediation – dealing with irrationality

26 May 2016

Designed specifically for the users of mediation, this seminar will be equally applicable to civil and family practitioners whether working in private practice or for Government bodies and Local Authorities.

Behavioural Strategies in mediation

What makes it so difficult for some parties (and their lawyers) to “listen to reason”?  What is it that drives clients to pursue or defend claims so doggedly and often against all commercial advice? What is the psychology behind some of the negotiation strategies adopted by parties and their lawyers at mediation?  This talk will provide some insights into the often illogical and seemingly irrational behaviour of our clients in mediation – as well that of the other side’s clients and their legal advisers!

Paul Randolph

Cognitive Biases in Decision making

Cognitive biases cause us to act irrationally. They are something most of us cannot avoid, but once you know how to spot them, you will be better equipped to guide your client through negotiation and mediation. This talk will explain the nature of cognitive biases and give some surprising examples of their powerful effect.

Spenser Hilliard

Panel Discussion: Personal Experiences and Practical tips

Our expert panel, made up of experienced mediators, will take you through some of their personal experiences and give practical tips.

Panel Members:


CPD: 2 Hours

Cost: £35 +VAT

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