Webinar: the practical implications of the Uber ruling 

04 March 2021

Nikolas Clarke and Anna Dannreuther will deliver a free webinar looking at the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in Uber v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5 and what it means for businesses and individuals working in the gig economy.

What will it cover?

This webinar will look at the practical implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in Uber v Aslam, which addressed when an individual has ‘worker’ status under UK employment legislation.

The discussion will cover:

• an overview of the Supreme Court’s decision in Uber v Aslam
• what the judgment means for different business models in the gig economy
• comparative aspects and the wider impact of the Uber judgment as jurisdictions around the world grapple with the implications of the growing gig economy.

The webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions.

Who is it for?

Lawyers and individuals engaging with the businesses and individuals affected by the Uber decision.

How do I register?

Please email the following details to events@fieldcourt.co.uk:

Your first name and last name
Your job title and organisation
Registered delegates will be sent login details in advance to join the webinar.


Nikolas Clarke is an experienced employment barrister. He advises and represents employees and employers in the full range of employment claims and appeals.

Anna Dannreuther practises in employment, commercial and public law. She represents clients at all stages of employment proceedings, including preliminary hearings, judicial mediations, and final hearings. She also undertakes advisory and drafting work.